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Friday, 4 September 2015 10:01 PM
Outstanding last nights performance. Didn't want it to finish. Can't wait for the next visit of the E.L.O.Experience.
Friday, 4 September 2015 08:54 PM
Fantastic show at the Cliffs. Thoroughly enjoyed it
Daniel Regan
Friday, 4 September 2015 08:03 PM
Fantastic show at cliffs pavilion last night. Better than the real thing! I highly recommend your show to any fan of ELO.
Kath Moran
Braintree Essex
Friday, 4 September 2015 07:48 PM
Thank you for another magical evening last night. This was our second ELO Experience having seen you last year. Second time around was just as good and very much enjoyed by all of us. The whole show is terrific, the vocals backing musicians and special effects. Looking forward to the next time so don't retire yet!
Toni and Pete
Orpington, Kent
Friday, 4 September 2015 07:32 PM
Brilliant show at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend last night. Every song was spot on! Will definitely be seeing you again and bringing the kids next time. They were brought up on ELO albums, lovingly listened to over and over again.
Tony Glickman
Friday, 4 September 2015 06:37 PM
Wow, great show in Southend last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the great work. Any chance of One Summer dream in the repertoire one day soon?
Friday, 4 September 2015 05:39 PM
Cam to the Cliffs Pavillion last night on a wild card not knowing what to expect. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant. Best 20 spent in ages really enjoyed the show. The quality of the reproduction is 1st class. Thanks for a 1st class night out.
Friday, 4 September 2015 05:06 PM
Brilliant night at the Cliffs last night,third time I have seen this superb tribute band, performing songs of one of the greatest bands ever. Just a fantastic evening, can't wait to go again...
Billericay, essex
Friday, 4 September 2015 01:01 PM
You should all feel really proud of your achievements in capturing the magic that is ELO!!

As someone lucky enough to be at Wembley in 1978 - and who has seen dozens of various tribute bands over the years - you are right up there at the very top!

I came in expectation of hearing many of my memories revived and left hugely impressed at what I witnessed.

Thought the string section was awesome, the key changes from major to minor to 9th's etc (sorry to sound teccie!!) were so evocative of the Jeff Lynne melodies - wonderful!

Loved the versions of the 10538 Overture and Tightrope - only one that didn't do it for me was Xanadu - sorry guys!!

Definately be back for more and will bring my friends.

Selfish requests for the future? Night In The City; Big Wheels & Mama Belle!!

Thanks so much for a truely great evening's entertainment.
Dave Burrell
Friday, 4 September 2015 11:32 AM
Brilliant show at the cliffs on Thursday night, can't wait till next time, great stuff ladies and gents, best tribute band without any doubt, keep it up!! Much love and thanks for a fab night Pam & Dave X
Friday, 4 September 2015 11:13 AM
Flippin amazing - the band and their techies made it a musical and visual night of delight - so glad I was there to enjoy.
Andy Marriott
Leigh on Sea
Friday, 4 September 2015 10:15 AM
Second time seeing you last night at the Cliffs in Southend. Even better than the first time. Well done guys. An absolutely brilliant band and awesome sound. I think the audience reaction was a million times better as well so you did a fantastic job. Some of us were lucky enough to see ELO in their heyday and you are the closest thing out there to the real thing without a doubt. It is obvious you love the music and really enjoy putting on a great show. Will definitely be back for more.
laine and steve
Friday, 4 September 2015 09:30 AM
A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY we discovered an ugly duckling! We loved this duckling because it had warmth, and passion and a brilliant Quack. In our swift caravan spaceship we followed it to some strange , but never hostile planets (some were named after precious gems). We often took other members of our race to share in the brilliant Quack. As the years passed some of the ducklings feathers were sadly lost, but the quack continued to remain strong. Gradually the lost feathers were replaced with new ones,(sometimes of the same name) and more of them. The Quack grew stronger and more harmonious, until one day while looking through the dry ice reflection we realised it was still a brilliant Quack but now there was also a glide and a whistle and a glorious technicolour lightshow. The beautiful Swan has arrived and goes by the name of THE ELO EXPERIENCE. PS You were never that ugly guys. LOL.
East Tilbury
Friday, 4 September 2015 09:24 AM
Saw your show last night at Cliffs Southend, our second time of seeing you. What a great show the singing, harmonies and music were faultless. Across the Border is one of my favourites, and again your version was brilliant. Perhaps in the future you could add "Is this the way life's meant to be" to your reportoire, another favourite.
Anyway we look forward to seeing you again.
Friday, 4 September 2015 09:06 AM
Fantastic show in Southend last night.
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