Victoria Theatre, Halifax

Victoria Theatre, Halifax
Review by Catherine Fletcher

Sat 8th Mar 2014

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We have just been to see The ELO Experience at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax. As we went into the theatre the stage was all ready and waiting for the band to come on. As the lights went down the music started and the band came onto the stage then burst into song and the audience were soon up on their feet, dancing singing and clapping their hands as the band continued to sing such classics as, All over the World, Evil Woman, Telephone Line, Strange Magic, Can’t Get It Out of My Head, Hold on Tight, Beethoven and many more. The first part of the performance seemed to be a bit slow to start with, but as the evening went on it just got better and better.

There was a screen on the back of the stage that played films that illustrated some of the songs, which was really good, the stage lighting was excellent, as was the music.

Then we reached the interval.

A lot of the audience were buying blue strip glow lights at the interval, as the lead singer had said earlier that it would be great to see them all lit up in the audience later on to add some fun and excitement. As they came back onto the stage, the band went into their rock and roll mode, which brought the audience onto their feet, dancing in the isles, singing and clapping their hands and all the blue glow lights looked great as everyone seemed to have them. The atmosphere was amazing, the band continued with more of their fantastic songs. As the night came to an end, the audience shouted for more, and more they got, as the band then burst into Mr Blue Sky.

The show is a great night's entertainment, and is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet, clapping your hands, and singing along to all the great songs.

Rating: 5/5

Catherine Fletcher