Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

Congress Theatre, Eastbourne
Review by Zara Baker

Tue 28th Aug 2012

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To see an excellent tribute act like this was the chance to experience for the first time (or re-live) the 70' and 80's hits that ELO are renowned for. Jeff Lynne sound-alike Andy Louis is a fantastic lead, ably supported by guitar, bass guitar and – the signature to ELO’s sound – keyboard and cellos.

Andy’s voice on ballads was excellent – 'Latitude 88 North', a lesser known ELO track – a perfect example of this. The music in 'Confusion' was sublime; 'Roll Over Beethoven' was fun, and 'Mr Blue Sky' marked the end to a great show. A new addition for this tour is the projection screen, which went down well with the crowd and still maintained a '70s vibe to the show. These guys love performing ELO’s hits, and it shows.

Zara Baker